welcome to Brightluxx

Brightluxx LED signs is an innovative maintenance free sign systems engineered and pioneered to excel in both indoor and outdoor applications. With our cutting edge specially designed Nichia -Japan LED modules ensure minimum >50000 hours life time and highest Lumen output comparing to any sign systems available today. Yes we have the brightest LUXX in LED sign systems and with a tested report of low degradation comparing any normal LED sign systems over the years. Brightluxx is designer’s choice, because of the high lumen output it can also work as primary and secondary light source in lot of modern and contemporary interior developments and architectural designs. We offer primarily 12 different lighting profiles which is double than other components as well as we can make lot of customization using the mix and combination of the profiles. All our signs are made with at most care and attention in detail from the time of designing to final packing. We source the best Acrylic, LED, paint, vinyl’s etc. to make it sure we deliver an excellent product to our customers. We always updating our technologies and using the most sophisticated machineries for the fast and precision manufacturing. We engineered the sign system way back 2008 with joint venture of Metroplus and Elkroma Turkiya technology consulting and started developing the brand and by 2010 LED WORLD BVI has taken over the brand and started the full fledge production unit in Istanbul.